​​Touching Life, LLC

Elizabeth Liotta, CMT, CHt 


​Where Healing Is A Partnership

​​I have been practicing holistic therapies for over 25 years. My studies have taken place in other countries and all across the United States. I work with adults and children creating personalized sessions that assist the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in returning to a balanced harmonious state. 

I was born as a naturally gifted intuitive and have had many experiences that revealed just how unlimited and magical our universe is. I can see auras and a field that we all exist in called the Matrix. I can see and communicate with Angels and other beings of light as well. 

I have great respect for combining the wisdom of allopathic medicine with holistic therapy. Many physicians, counselors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other professionals refer clients to me. And, I also do refer clients to other top level ethical and gifted practitioners when more support is needed. 

​As a holistic mentor, I continue to be amazed and inspired at how quickly a body and a life can heal when given the right care and direction.