Touching Life, LLC 

Elizabeth Brittain Liotta, CMT

Past Life Regression

Some people believe in past lives and others believe that we are living many lives, in different dimensions, concurrently. 

When doing a Past Life Regression I try to stay focused on the positive aspects of what you are trying to explore and uncover. It is important that you feel safe during our session and open to finding and receiving the messages that will make the most sense in your present life. 

I really emphasize that this is something that I am doing with you, not to you. I am traveling with you through vision and, as an intuitive, can see and feel what you are experiencing. 

When you come for a session we will spend some time discussing your life challenges and goals. I will then have you relax comfortably on my table as I send energy to help you relax and prepare for your adventure. 

I ask for my clients to bring their own recording device if they would like to have a copy of the session. These days most phones have an app for that.

At anytime you can bring yourself up and out of the session, however, I have found that most people really begin to enjoy the experience even if they have never meditated or been able to see before. 

All sessions are concluded by integrating the positive aspects and attributes from each lifetime into who you are now which often results in a deep sense of empowerment and inner peace.  

I look forward to our adventures together. Please feel free to e.mail with any thoughts or questions you might have.


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